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Cultural – Big Cosmic Questions?

The World

In its tackling of the wide ranging subject areas of geography, history, biology and music and in continually attempting to explore big “cosmic” questions such as “Who am I?” and “Where do I come from?” the child begins a learning that will go on forever, well past school days. In taking on the learning, the child’s curiosity will be aroused and further questions will need to be addressed. This moves the teacher’s cultural introductions to become the child’s own cultural fascinations.

The different areas of Cultural take the child through a systematic and logical progression through the units. A child’s progress is his/her own growing curiosity. The child’s interest will lead him/her down the road to further and deeper discoveries. The move from Abstract to Concrete continues, incorporating practical life and sensorial work, adding on language and math. The Montessori framework of uninterrupted work sessions, control maps and the children’s natural attraction to the environment surrounding them are the energy and the source of the classroom.

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