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The only real valuable thing is intuition.” Albert Einstein

Deep deep within us all is a voice that is forever lovingly whispering our Truth. It might be an image, a feeling, a deja-vu perception of the life we are here to experience. It is ongoing and if we pay attention, the voice becomes clearer and the vision brighter. This loving voice is our very own guidance mechanism. When we are in sync, open to ideas that guide us in that direction, we feel happy and alive. When we shut the voice and the vision down with thoughts like it’s too good to be true, we feel sad and empty. This internal guidance is the Voice of Inspiration, it is empowering and life-giving and so rich with ideas and steps that gently move us towards the life of our dreams, the life our soul planned for us…

We are born deeply intuitive, very much in touch with this guidance. With time, with life, we are introduced to the rational mind whose main job is to screen out our most intuitive ideas. If we are paying attention, we catch it quick, the hunch emerges and instead of acting on it we talk ourselves out of it. As simple as having an idea to call someone pop into our minds and rationalising that it’s not the right time, they’ll be busy, out etc. That’s how intuition gets over-ridden by the rational mind over and over again all day every day. The clue is that when we are acting on intuition, we feel vibrant and energetic and so in sync with life. It’s miracle territory as step by step we move in the direction of what feels good. When life feels difficult, like we’re climbing a down escalator, that is a sure sign that we have drifted away from our intuitive guidance, from that Voice of Inspiration. Life is supposed to be flowy and easy. When it feels like a struggle, it’s time to step back, take a deep breath and ask a few questions… There must be a better way. And the good news is, there is!


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