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Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong.” A Course in Miracles

Imagine a tap. Imagine water flowing beautifully clearly easily through that tap. Now imagine this tap is suddenly only dripping water, its flow is somehow obstructed. It is temperamental, unpredictable and just annoying. Much like with that tap, our life is supposed to flow – easily, healthily and abundantly. When the flow is choppy, complicated and unclear, the tap is clogged.

What would clog the tap? Unnecessary bits from the past stuck in there. Same with us, we might be holding on to resentments and disappointments gathered along the way. Our past is holding back the natural flow now. When we let go those situations that are taking up space, universal energy is able to support our healthy movement forward. In cleaning out the tap, we allow energy to flow freely again.

When we feel love and appreciation, miracles abound. When we hold on to resentments and grievances, we hold back the flow. The energy is stuck. When we forgive, we release our energy to move towards our magnificent life. A life filled with what we love. What we love begins to appreciate. And as we appreciate it more and more, it appreciates more and more… And the tap is flowing abundantly again 🙂

Forgiveness is a big word and often brings with it the idea that certain events and circumstances are difficult to forgive. The point to remember here is that the willingness to forgive is all it takes. That willingness alone invites spirit to create the circumstances for the forgiveness to occur. And this willingness is what releases the energy that is stuck to flow freely again leading back to the miraculous life we are here to live.

And the forgiveness isn’t just for others. Forgiving ourselves is just as important. The key here is to remember that every step along the way constitutes part of the learning. We are here to remember our Truth, who we really are. The child who came into the world filled with love and only love. When things don’t work out along the way, we are just being guided to go deeper in remembering that truth. When we learn to accept the perfection of it all, knowing that every piece is a necessary part of the journey, our hearts open. Trusting life invites the good. Every disappointment becomes a blessing in disguise when we are ready to learn and grow.

Life is supposed to be easy and flowy and abundant, in every way. At our deepest core, we know that. We might even remember moments in our life when life really supported us and everything flowed. If we remember our state of mind then, we will remember that we were in sync with our hearts and as a result, the energy was flowing.

So it’s time to clear the tap and let go of the past. It’s time to embrace the present. That’s why it’s called the Present! Let’s discover together the gifts that life holds when our energy is aligned with love and beauty and miracles. As Albert Einstein said: “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”


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