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Yoga – for the body, the mind and the soul!

Om Shanti!

Yoga is fabulous from every point of view. For muscle memory, children who do headstands will do them again as adults!

We all know the natural benefits of yoga, its effect on opening our bodies and spirits. Yoga is grounding and after just a few stretches, we feel the goodness of the practice. Yoga allows us to bow to the Universe. It is so uniquely our own effort, no comparison, no judgement. Us and our bodies.

Yoga always feels like a surrender… And for children whose lives are becoming more and more hectic (thanks to us adults rushing them around, including them in family issues, our own pressures etc..), yoga offers an escape. Total concentration is required for most of the postures and in other moments, the pure comfort the body feels is sheer bliss. So either way, it’s a Win-Win.

What’s also great about yoga is understanding what the movements represent. For children, this can be especially empowering when the affirmations that accompany the moves make their ways into their open minds. With the Crab (Kulirana) pose, “I celebrate my strength and confidence.” With the Pigeon (Kapotasana) pose, “I take pride in my accomplishments, both great and small” With the Turtle (Kurmasana) pose, “I go to a place deep within and find all that I need.”

On top of all the above listed benefits, the most important is that the positions are fun. Children get all excited when they master some of those balances and when they are able to comfortably untangle themselves. The Eagle pose always adds a good laugh!

So, yoga offers peace of mind, movement, fun and self-esteem… All in all, a most well-rounded activity!

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