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Point at which sun or star attains highest altitude

Child-Size Masterpieces by Aline D. Wolf

36 Reproductions of beautiful paintings for children to Match, Pair and Sort.  In Level 1 (Easy), Step 1 includes twelve cards for matching identical paintings such as Auguste Renoir’s A Girl with a Watering Can.  Step 2 is for pairing similar cards, such as Edgar Degas’ Two Ballerinas and his End of Arabesque.  Step 3 is for grouping four works by each artist, such as Vasily Kandinsky’s Violet-Orange, White Center, On Gray and his 1922 Untitled.

Combining early math skills with some of the world’s most beautiful art.  There are a range of booklets.  The Levels range from 1 – Easy; Level 2 – Intermediate includes Pablo Picasso, Van Rijn Rembrandt and Pieter De Hooch; Level 3 is Advanced and includes Redon Odilon, Robert Henri and Paul Signac.

Level Four is about Learning the Names of the Artists.  The paintings such as Mary Cassatt’s Child in a Straw Hat are accompanied by each artist’s biography. Other artists featured are Velasquez, Gauguin, Manet, Rivera, Sully, Goya and more!

Level 5 is for Learning about Famous Paintings such as Birth of Venus by Boticelli, Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Van Gogh’s The Starry Night.  This level is appropriate for children who are reading or are learning to read.

For more product information, here is a link:  Parent Child Press

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