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We all have two kinds of energies within us. The feminine energy of Being. This a more receptive and open energy. It is intuitive, nurturing and calm. And the Masculine energy of Doing. This is a more action-orientated type of energy. This is the more logical, rational energy.

The Chinese talk of Yin and Yang as opposing forces, interconnected and interdependent. Yin is female, receptive, yielding. Yang is male, active, initiating. Like an undertow in the ocean, every advance is complemented by a retreat. We must keep this in mind when appreciating characteristics. We need both to be complete.

In stillness, we know ourselves. Through being authentic, meditating, reflecting, imagining and being in nature, the Yin is accessed. Then, the Yang energy comes in and follows through with action. This is the energy that gets things done, that takes intuitive ideas and makes them happen. The seed is planted first and then it grows into a beautiful plant. And so must our life. The more fertile and rich the soil, the healthier and more beautiful the plant.

Nature is the best connector to the feminine, receptive, yin energy. Nature allows us to go deep within. In nature is our own nature. Everything in nature is within us. The steadiness of the trunk of the tree, the leaves that change colours and textures with the seasons, the birds that fly and sing, the flowers that blossom and bloom. We follow nature’s rhythms. The best time to create is always Spring.

We make our creation materialise in the summer. We start a more inward journey in the fall and winter, preparing to create again for the Spring. Our energy is at its highest with the warmth and the sun. So, nature is the best way to switch off the noise of the city. Whether it’s a park or the countryside or the sea, we need time in nature. We need to balance the male action rational Yang energy by being in nature.

Nature is magical, and not just for children. We are all in closer touch with our souls out in nature. Nature reminds us of life’s simplicity and its natural beauty. Everything we need is within us and nature fills us with that love and nurturance.

When we teach children about nature. The cycle of things. How a seed grows. How a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. Children will be in sync with nature. Children who understand about plants and flowers are not likely to pick them but rather to savour their beauty. Children love to look after plants and animals, watering and feeding as necessary. They will observe with fascination the growth and development. They will naturally appreciate nature.

Children cooped up indoors become quite rowdy and impatient sometimes and the moment we take them out into nature, these same children are peaceful and serene as they go about their discoveries.

So nature offers food for the soul, natural movement for the body, mental stimulation, the understanding of the interconnectedness of life, peace of mind and fresh air.

Mother Nature needs us all and we need her. Children need to feel her freedom and her strength and realise that it is also within them. As they grow and create their lives, nature will be such a healthy source of comfort for them.

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