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Let’s talk about perfection. It is fine to try to perfect oneself so as to live a life of truth. There is also the educational perfecting where a child will repeat a work over and over again. This is also to perfect something deep within the child and is a necessary part of learning. However, there is a paralysing perfection that one must overcome.

The need to be perfect to show up, the need to submit perfect work, the presentation of work only when it is “perfect.” The child who will need a new piece of paper and will go on and on needing new pieces of paper until the paper runs out. This attempt at perfection is paralysing and utterly unnecessary. It’s familiar territory and often seen in classrooms. How many times have we risked it and handed something in that we might have felt was less than perfect and it turned out to be beautifully received.

So, let’s kick out that need to be perfect. Let’s enable children to take risks and discover that life is sometimes a bit messy and through it all, we learn and grow to find our own perfection. This perfection is ours as we connect to Source, to our intuition, to our inner truth. By being real and authentic, we are perfect.

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