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A Red-Riding Hood Story from China

Fairy tales form the foundation of literature.  All the fairy tales we discover as children are told and re-told again in all sorts of books and novels we’ll come across through adulthood.  It’s a good idea when exposing children to the early fairy tales, to introduce them to various versions of certain tales.  This will open their minds to different ways and styles of story telling.  Lon Po Po is based on a Chinese tale, similar to the Grimm brothers’ Red Riding Hood.  In this tale, the mother goes to visit the grandmother while the children are told to lock up and stay safe.  The ‘granny’ or Po Po comes to visit… and here the reader is introduced to gingko nuts and some exquisite Chinese panel art.  It is a feast for the eyes and a hugely satisfying tale of children’s cleverness!

Lon Po Po was also awarded the Caldecott Gold medal.


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