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Thank You Angels by Doreen Virtue

I am convinced that Doreen Virtue is an angel herself!   I always feel that she exudes such light.  Her work with angels is beautiful.  Thank You Angels is her first children’s book.  This is her introduction to the world of angels to kids.  She explains the concept of free will and how angels wait to be asked for help.  She gives examples of the roles angels take on to help children, such as nurses and doctors.  She soothes children by assuring them that they are never alone, and that the angels won’t “fall asleep on the job”!  It’s a book about whispers and rainbows and angel-shaped clouds.  It’s such a gentle and comforting book.

Doreen Virtue also makes the most magnificent card decks from angels to mermaids and fairies.  Truly magical.

This is her website:  Doreen Virtue

Her Tweets are fabulous too!

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