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Practical Life and Independence

* Practical life is about doing, about learning… about independence
* Skills and concepts needed to survive – simple activities that have complex aims
* Necessary for physical, intellectual, social growth and a healthy, positive self-image
* Remember the more a child moves (avoid build-up of lactic acid), the more he/she learns
* The hand develops the mind
* Design is for process, not product
* Use of “real” things – feedback from the environment forms a part of Montessori thinking
* PL exercises require concentration and periods of sustained work, far removed from traditional
* “An adult works to perfect the environment but a child works to perfect himself”
* The child is guided by a direction deep within his nature…
* Practical Life tasks encourage children to work at controlling and mastering movements
* Montessori saw order as the basis of intelligence – “the mathematical mind”
* Practical life activities support the development of mental order… through completing activities… children have to think through series of steps – logical: what is needed first etc..

Practical Life Units:

1.  Care of the Person – Dressing, bathing etc..

2.  Care of the Environment – Cleaning, Gardening, Food prep: peeling, cutting, Nutrition

3.  Movement (Perceptual Development) – Small and large motor exercises: pouring, squeezing, carrying

4.  Art – tearing, cutting, use of crayons, craypas… collage, painting, carpentry

5.  Grace & Courtesy – greeting, helping, thanking, bread and butter letters and negotiating!

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