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Language, Movement and Fun for Kids!

Eric Carle’s books are all fabulous and his images do a great job of attracting children’s attention and enthusiasm.  From Head to Toe is excellent for early language acquisition.  The animals ask the boy in the book if he can do what they can.  So, for instance, the children can duplicate the moves of bending their necks when the giraffe says she can do that, or turning their heads when the penguin says he can do that.  The great thing is that the movements can be elaborated on and children who are needing to move can learn new vocabulary whilst having fun.  It’s so important for children to move.  It is vital for their healthy brain development.  It also opens them up for more and better learning.  This book is also very useful for second language learners.  A really really great book.  It’s paperback, so light to carry around too.

For more on Eric Carle and his brilliant books, here is a link.

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