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Moghli: Nutritious & Delicious for Mum, Baby and Guests


This is a highly nutritious pudding that’s also delicious. It is the perfect ‘come visit the baby’ afternoon tea treat. The breast-feeding mom benefits, as does the baby and the guests are delighted too – healthy and tasty!

Caraway stimulates the flow of breast milk, is antimicrobial and antispasmodic. It also addresses wind and colic in children. Cinnamon is also antimicrobial and carminative, warming and helps digestion.

1 Cup Powdered Rice
1 Cup Sugar
2 Big Spoons Caraway Seed
1 Big Spoon Cinnamon
7 Cups Water

Grated Coconut

*Soak Nuts Overnight in Water and Peel!

Combine Rice, Water, Sugar and Spices in Pan. Stir until boiled.
Either cover or continue stirring for another 40 minutes.
Place in bowl and decorate with coconut and nuts.
Place in fridge for serving…

Quite delicious warm too! Enjoy 🙂

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