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Kids and Daily Affirmations

So affirmations are statements we tell ourselves that our subconscious picks up on whilst steering us towards those results.  Our minds are constantly at work, mostly trying to tell us where we got it wrong.  The Ego is always blaming others, the situation or us.  The way around this nonsensical mind chatter is to take control of the mind and feed it what we would actually like.  Since we know that like attracts like, if we focus on empowering thoughts, we attract our good!  The idea is to shift from thinking fear thoughts to love thoughts.  If we start by loving ourselves, we may then share this love with the world at large.  Love is our source of joy and ultimately peace of mind.

Children are born full of love and only love. Fear might then be introduced into their world through their surroundings.  Here’s an example of a child who is practicing her Daily Affirmations!

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