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Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain

I was on the Eurostar, coming back from London to Paris, reading the Sunday Times.  In an article asking Natalie Massenet, founder of for her wisdom, she said her father offered her Shakti Gawain’s Creative Visualization as she was graduating and that this book was huge in her development.  I was curious, so I read it.  I decided upon conclusion that I would also offer this book to every graduate I know!  This is the most soothing book you will ever come across.  Shakti is a pioneer in the world of mind, body, soul.  Here, she gathers some of her favourite visualisation techniques and introduces the reader to meditation.  It is a book that accompanies the reader through the affirmation process, as well as creating a personal vision:  from 5 years all the way back to the One week plan!

Creative Visualization is a fantastic introduction to meditation, which is so essential in discovering our truth.  Not only is meditation hugely healing and relaxing, it is also our direct access to the miraculous within and around us.  Carl Jung spoke of the collective unconscious.  Here Shakti takes us on a ride where we can tap into all that power.

Creative Visualization is a very beautiful and hugely powerful book.

Shakti Gawain’s books are all fascinating.  Living in the Light has become a classic in New Age literature.  Developing Intuition and Creating True Prosperity are also beautifully written.

The daily reading on her website is also worth checking out:

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