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Post Office Zen

Children have no concept of time. In fact, as a concept, it’s a rather complex one to teach. We sometimes create timelines so children can at least begin making sense of what comes first, followed by… For instance, after school, we go home, we take a bath, we then have dinner, we go to bed, read a story and then sleep.  Building up to Seasons, holidays etc.

The concept of time is important because ultimately, it is the lack of it that creates so much of our chaos as adults. It’s the rush to be at work on time, to make sure the kids are ready for school on time, to make sure everyone gets to sleep on time. It’s almost funny, we rush to make sure we sleep enough hours so we’re relaxed and feeling good the next day… essentially, we rush to relax.

I know why I moved to Paris. I’ve been waiting in line at the post office for a good twenty minutes, maybe more. When my turn arrives and I explain that I would like to send my letters in some sort of registered form, the lady kindly explains to me the options. We agree on one and she hands me the forms to fill out. I ask if I should stand aside and fill them out so as to allow the next person in line to proceed. The lady explains that there is no need for that and that I should just fill them out right here. When I offer to be super quick, she assures me that there is absolutely no need to rush as she wouldn’t want me to make mistakes. I find myself rushing anyway thinking of the long line that is waiting. I am stressed but of my own doing. She is so relaxed and everyone around me seems relaxed.  I want to forget about rushing and live to be a hundred while eating soft cheese, baguettes and digesting with Haut-Bailly and calm!

So, really, I wish we would all realise that there is enough time for everything. For everything that is important. Everything we could possibly need in this lifetime will be ours, abundantly. Let’s make the time to stop and help each other, let’s remember that magical feeling of being a child where time was not of the essence.

Only the caring, the gentleness, the fun, the moment mattered. Ultimately, we have no control beyond the moment. So, let’s make every moment good and worthy of us.


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