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True Meditation

For anyone who’s been wondering what meditation really is… This is your answer.  Everyone has heard of the benefits of meditation in healing the body, clearing the mind and opening the heart.  And if, like many of us, you have wondered if you’re doing it right?  Adyashanti’s true meditation is for you.  It is the clearest explanation I have ever come across of what meditation really is.  We keep hearing about its energising and extremely powerful benefits… and granted, even ten minutes just lying down, does a world of good in this rushed world of ours.  But sometimes, when one is being introduced to meditation – and even for those who have been practicing for a long time – there is an element of ‘controlling’ the mind.  And that element of control feels unnatural when we are seeking our most inner core.  Control and essence don’t seem to mesh.  So, here is Adyashanti’s true meditation and its alignment with ‘just being.’  That is what it’s all about.  By being true to our emotions and sitting with them, eventually our whole being makes sense of the situation for us, and we then feel the real peace we are seeking.

Adyashanti’s true meditation comes in book or CD format.  He has a really clear voice and a fun tone, so highly enjoyable to listen to.  This true meditation is revolutionary.  And now, for anyone struggling to control the mind, just let go and really meditate!

This is the link to Adyashanti’s website for more…

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