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Going with the Flow…

I’ve been struggling with a decision I feel I need to make. And I know well enough that when ‘struggle’ is around, that means the mind or ego are involved. The ego is about making decisions. It’s all about that. Resolving the problem, finding the solution NOW. Being in the flow is about being patient and trusting that the right course will be made clear. And when the outcome emerges from that place, the decision is coming from a much deeper certainty. When we figure things out using our minds, there is often a “should have” or a “could have” afterwards. But when we follow the natural course and are lead to what intuitively feels right, it’s a knowing. It’s the real thing.

So, I’m trying my best to not decide because I am sure that I will be lead to knowing what’s right for me… That’s the way it works. It’s like a puzzle where we fit the right pieces one at a time. Patience is quite a virtue though. But I’ve been there. I’ve been in flow and I know what it feels like. And, when you’ve been there, you want to be there as often as possible. It’s a form of letting go I guess, trusting that the right bit will be revealed at the right time. So, we stay focused on the now, quietening the mind as much as possible, doing creative things that bring us back to flow. Because when we sing and dance and cook and write, we are flowing!

In the early childhood years, kids are naturally in the flow… But I imagine this patience and total understanding may be just what some teenagers need. So often when teenagers begin to share with the adults, we overwhelm them with our ideas and views. The thing is though… deep down, we all know what’s right for us. So, let’s encourage their exploration at their pace and let that lead to where it’s to meant to flow.

Addendum: For more on this, there is a great book by Gina Lake, Return to Essence: How to be in the Flow and Fulfill your Life’s Purpose. Incidentally, when I came home last night and opened the book randomly, I landed on “Choosing by Deciding” which is all about the above…

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