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Our Heart’s Desire

I love Deepak Chopra. I was just reading about how he raised his children. In the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, he talks of the Law of Dharma. Dharma means “purpose in life” in Sanskrit. And the Law of Dharma basically says that we are all here for a very unique purpose. And our natural talents match that purpose. So, he explained to his children from the age of four that their main mission in life was to discover that purpose. He taught them how to meditate. He assured them that their grades didn’t matter, their university record didn’t matter, their future income didn’t matter. All that mattered was that they ask themselves how they could help humanity and to discover their natural talents. As a result, his children excelled and attended the best schools. At university, they were already self-sufficient! “They are focused on what they are here to give.”

I remember when I used to gather all my dolls around me and teach them whatever I had learned that day. I was about five years old. That’s pretty much about when we start having a very clear idea of what we love to do. It’s actually a very natural process. From observing children in my work, I can tell you very clearly what their inclination is by the age of five. We’re talking broad brushwork here and life usually fills in the details. The important thing to do, though, is to encourage the motivation that is inspired. To live life from the heart. After over a decade in Finance, where I never felt “bien dans ma peau” as they say in French… Life offered me an opportunity to return to myself. And I grabbed it! So many of us have been motivated by fear and as such, exist from a place of obligation. This is the opposite of freedom. Yet, we talk a lot about freedom. And there are all sorts of prisons – physical, financial, emotional.

Usually, our life journey will offer us opportunities to question our purpose. We might have to deal with health issues that slow us down and allow us a chance to review. Or it might come in the form of financial difficulties or a divorce. One way or another, we are all shown an alternative life. A life in which our focus becomes more aligned with the Universe. How much easier it would be to start children off on the right note. Let’s encourage their uniqueness and allow them to choose their life from that place deep within their heart. Not only will they be happier and more fulfilled, they’ll also be more successful!

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