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The Magic of Now!

Children live in the now. They enjoy the moments as they arise. They wake up in the morning excited at what the day holds in store. Every day and a every moment are a surprise! How fun is that?

I was trying to stop a taxi in London one night after dinner. I was standing between two parked cars carefully looking to my right for a good moment to cross the street… When, out of the blue, some maniac drove full speed into the car on my right causing my legs to be jammed between the two parked cars. Blood squirted out of my legs and I thought that might have been the end of the lower part of my body. I can’t remember if I fainted or not. If I did, it was a really brief moment. Because I do remember being wide awake for the experience. Straight into an ambulance, I was rushed to hospital. I was X-rayed and all they found were a few torn ligaments and some open wounds, where the glass had penetrated the skin on my legs.

That was my introduction to miracles. It was also my introduction to living in the now. Coming so close to something so major makes us truly question what we’re doing and how we’re living. But why wait for that? Why not just be aware of every precious moment. Sure, intentions are great and it is very important to keep the big picture of our life in perspective. The thing is though, that that big picture is happening in the now. The more present and grateful we are for every now, the more aware we are of the opportunities around us. And as such, the big plan is orchestrated through the flow of life. This is the difference between struggle and gentleness.

Prior to that moment, my life felt perpetually complicated. Just not enough hours in the day! After that, my body refused to rush… I went back to that rhythm we have in childhood where we do what we feel like when we feel like it. Strangely, I seem to get much more done these days because what I require is so often right in front of me. It’s just that in taking my time, I’m actually aware of what it is I’m really after! And somehow, because the intent is much clearer now, my path is always filled with what is needed next. I am still in awe of how life provides all that we need, even before we ask. We just have to be aware of it to enjoy it… As John Lennon said “Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.”

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