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Children these days are so busy, with schedules pouring activites. Children are growing and exploring. Their rhythm is very different to ours. Notice how if we’re walking down a crowded street with a child, they’ll tell us they’re tired almost as soon we start out. Whereas the same child will walk through nature for hours on end…

Lots of children (and adults!) don’t have the chance to spend enough time close to nature, where it’s more natural for us to feel appreciation and joy. Nature represents a quietening of the mind. When we are in the midst of trees and flowers in the vastness of life, we somehow understand our true essence.

When we’re running on auto-drive ticking off our to-do list, we’re drained by the end of the day. Put us somewhere where our creativity is tapped into and we can produce non-stop for days on end. And at the end of it, we have even more energy!

True gratitude is that. Having the opportunity to feel what is good for our soul. And to acknowledge it. The more aware and grateful we are, the more goodness we bring into our life. One thing goes wrong on the day and we focus non-stop on that, when if fact, maybe eight things were amazing. Let’s shift the focus to all the good in our lives and let’s really take a moment to appreciate a warm smile, the delicious smell of fresh-baked bread, the beauty of a sunset…

And let’s remind children that in the midst of the busy-ness, there is always time for true gratitude. For whatever it is – a glass of fresh milk, a hug, a good night’s sleep!

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