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The Wise Child


Do you sometimes feel that you have this wise soul in front of you? It’s amazing what we’re learning… And it is true that children arrive into the world equipped with all that they need to prosper and blossom. Our role is essentially to offer them an environment that allows them to excel at and develop what they came here to do.

Many of us grew up in societies and schooling systems that thought children are here to learn from the adults. In fact, it is really us who have things to learn from the children. Because they are arriving all fresh, children embody the qualities that define the best in us. Children are naturally loving and at ease with themselves and life. They are open and curious. They are helpful and supportive of others. Children are honest and decent and genuine. There’s no pretending. It’s the real deal. They’ll tell you what they think and how they see it. Wouldn’t life be so much easier if we were all like that? Just our authentic selves – the enchanting souls that arrived into the world just like that.

Children are naturally drawn to certain intrinsic curiosities. As we encourage their discoveries, they will be on purpose. Do you sometimes get deja-vus? Like something feels familiar, perhaps a city, perhaps a person, perhaps an activity. That is it. That is a touch of your soul’s vision for your life. It feels familiar, because it’s part of your plan.

When we live on purpose, pursuing what feels naturally inspiring, we blossom at what we do. We do it well and are successful as a result. The real gift, though, is that we are happy. Truly happy. We know that this is what we came here to do. It just feels right.

It’s the same with everything… where we live, who we’re with, what we’re doing. As Diderot said “only passions, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things.” Let this be the motto.

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