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I once read that our life purpose flashes inside of us every once in a while as an idea, which we casually brush off as too good to be true. Unrealistic. Impossible etc.. In fact, that ideal picture is our soul reminding us what we came here for. Every one of our heart’s desires is our soul’s way of directing us towards that ideal scene. Joseph Campbell said “follow your bliss,” and this message comes up over and over again with the biggest success stories out there. The big picture might look too glamorous or too perfect or just too easy… In reality, it is only the mind’s limitations that put barriers up. Whatever we can imagine can be ours!

I moved to Paris from NYC over a summer. Finding an apartment was an adventure. Not only did I arrive in August but I also didn’t exist in the system here. I visited the most awful apartments. And then, a month into my search, an estate agent who’d been away for the summer and who clearly hadn’t looked at my file, took me to visit the most gorgeous apartment. Because she hadn’t looked through my details, she showed me an apartment that was way over my budget. Once I saw it (and the size of the closets!), it was impossible getting it out of my mind. So, I started imagining myself unpacking my boxes there. I imagined myself climbing up the majestic staircase and I just felt I’d be living there… And I am!

Children are always imagining and their life is enchanting. Let’s be aware when we’re trying to move them away from imagination and onto ‘real’ life. Albert Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” It’s a thought. And, once a thought is out there, the Universe begins conspiring to help us get there. Every great discovery and invention were first imagined!

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