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The Pleasure of Giving

In order for our life to make sense, we need to feel that we matter. In contribution, we feel a sense of purpose. Our life must therefore have a higher purpose and that is to be of service. No matter how much we accumulate in success – material or otherwise. We will always feel a void, something within us that can’t be filled up properly. A satisfaction missing. It is in creating a Higher purpose, in giving, that we find peace. We become love and are therefore capable of contributing to a more peaceful world. Our knowing that we matter, that we make a difference is where it all starts.

Sometimes, we are thinking big scale in terms of contribution and therefore never know how to get started. Feeling we can’t possibly make such a difference. The key is to start small. Your own circle probably needs more love and patience. The supermarket teller would appreciate a kind vibe, so would the next door car on the motor way. Look around and be love today. Starting is the way to contribution. We feel better and better each day, and more and more powerful every moment.

Children are sometimes given so much, in terms of toys and things. Yet, they look unsatisfied. They are almost ungrateful for all that receiving. We need to give to feel really good. Since children are so intuitive, they can feel something is off with that equation. When we re-energise them with the help they want to give, we have happy children. When they are involved in preparing a Thanksgiving meal for the homeless or making a card for someone ill, they feel nourished and at peace. They glow!

That feeling of service will stay with them forever, they will know what truly nourishes the soul. It’s not the latest gadget. No amount of gadget-collecting will get us there. It’s in the giving. Start today. Just look around and start giving – love, thank yous, your time, your gentleness, your warmth. Give from your heart. Give money and feel abundant. The more you give, the more you receive. That’s how it works.

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